Adult Therapy

Dr. Turecki’s approach to therapy is eclectic. He does not believe in “one size fits all” methods. His philosophy of respect for individual differences leads him to choose a therapy specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Problem-Solving Therapy. This form of therapy is practical and present-oriented. Dr. Turecki uses this approach to offer direct advice. He will also coach you on how to develop coping strategies, as well as cognitive techniques to recognize and challenge faulty thinking and beliefs.

Psychodynamic Therapy. Psychodynamic therapy looks more deeply, beyond the symptoms, to resolve underlying conflicts. Dr. Turecki recommends this type of therapy if he thinks that developing understanding and insight will really help you.

Temperament-Based Therapy. This form of therapy teaches you to recognize reactions and behavior that reflect your basic nature, and to self-manage certain problems such as impulsiveness and trouble with change.

Group Therapy. Group therapy is very helpful when there are significant interpersonal difficulties. Support, advice and learning from the experience of others are part of the group experience.

Couples Therapy and Other Familial Approaches. These are advisable in certain situations.

"[Dr. Turecki is] extremely insightful and passionate about helping his patients. I cannot say enough positive things about my experience."