Child and Adolescent Therapy

Whenever Dr. Turecki recommends therapy, he will always choose an approach that is carefully tailored to meet the needs of your particular child or adolescent. The primary goal of any type of therapy is to improve your child’s self-image.

Problem-Solving Therapy. This form of therapy is practical, present-oriented and offers direct advice on coping strategies. The parents are also taught the strategies so they can reinforce them at home. Cognitive techniques use logic to challenge faulty thinking in older children and adolescents.

Psychodynamic Therapy. Psychodynamic form of therapy may be advised if Dr. Turecki believes that hidden emotions play an important role and that bringing these to the surface will help your child.

Brief Therapy. This form of therapy is time-limited. The termination date is set at the beginning. It is particularly helpful with children who have suffered a recent loss.

Play Therapy. Play therapy is used as a way of communicating with younger or non-verbal children. Specialized therapeutic games, figure drawings or play with puppets and dolls indirectly allows the child to express various feelings and opens the door for the therapist to offer insight and advice, again indirectly.

Beyond Therapy. Some children need other types of help such as social skills training, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy or special educational services.

"Dr. Stanley Turecki is an amazing doctor. His ability to connect with children and make them feel relaxed and safe is unmatched."