Your First Visit

When you contact Dr. Turecki, he will first speak with you by phone to learn more about your concerns and to get some basic information. If a decision is made to move forward, you will be given an appointment to see him at a mutually convenient time.

If you are an adult, you will come in alone for an hour. If you are a parent calling about your child or teenager, both parents will come in with the child, usually for a longer appointment.

Dr. Turecki is a fee-for-service provider and does not accept insurance.

The Comprehensive Evaluation

Dr. Turecki will conduct a comprehensive evaluation. He wants to become familiar with you and your problems, arrive at a diagnosis and recommend a treatment plan. You should leave with a clear understanding of your issues and of how Dr. Turecki plans to help you.

If You Are an Adult. Dr. Turecki will take a complete history, including:

  • Details of your concerns (the presenting problems)
  • Your past history
  • Family psychiatric history
  • Any medical issues you may have
  • Your important relationships
  • Your situation at work or school
  • Your routines and habits.

If You Are Parents Coming with Your Child. Dr. Turecki will first meet with you while your child waits under supervision in a children’s area in the waiting room. He will take a complete history similar to the one he takes with an adult, but also including more information about the family and school situation.

Next, Dr. Turecki will speak with your child so that he can understand the problems and the situation at home and in school from the child’s point of view.

If the Patient Is an Adolescent. Dr. Turecki may first speak alone with the teenager or he may begin with the whole family. The purpose remains the same, to arrive at a full understanding of the problems from everybody’s point of view.


At the end of the evaluation, Dr. Turecki will share his professional opinion with you, answer your questions and then, in collaboration with you (and an older child or teenager), develop a personalized treatment plan.

If You Are an Adult. The plan may include therapy, the use of carefully monitored medication and alternative approaches.

If the Patient Is a Child or Teenager. The plan may include parental education and guidance or other ways of helping the family, therapy, the use of carefully monitored medication and alternative approaches.

"Dr. Turecki is brilliant and extremely effective at diagnosing and remediating psychiatric issues."