Parental Guidance and Helping the Family

Children and adolescents with problems or psychiatric disorders affect other family members. However, problems in the family also have an impact on the child.

Parental Guidance

You should always be involved when your child needs help. The younger the child, the more critical your role becomes. Ineffective discipline and too much punishment are common when a child’s behavior results in parental feelings of inadequacy, anger and guilt.

Dr. Turecki will advise and educate you, so that you can better understand your child’s problems and deal with the behavior more effectively.

Effective discipline relies less on punishment and more on structure, planning and simple, clear rules.

“Planned discussions” between the parents, and later with the child, should always be held away from the heat of the moment, not when you and your child are upset or angry. Planned discussions are used to make a fresh start, to establish a consistent approach between the parents, to define clear rules and expectations and to enlist your child’s cooperation.

Sympathetic management, as distinct from punishment, is a way of responding to behavior that your child cannot control.

Encouragement and praise are not only effective but will also help you feel better about yourself as a parent.

Other Help for Families

Sometimes more than parental guidance is needed such as:

Your First Visit

At the time of the initial visit, Dr. Turecki will conduct a Comprehensive Evaluation. He will then share his professional opinion with you, answer your questions and develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses the child’s problems, as well as any other family issues.


"I am a happier person and a better parent as a result of my work with Dr. Turecki."