Dr. Turecki is the best of the best. I have been fortunate to have had the help of this caring, intelligent, and very experienced psychiatrist. Any decision about the need, effectiveness or continuation of any medication is always a joint one and he is not only open to, but recommends alternative treatments that he considers medically effective. He is always available to help when there is a crisis, and from my experience, to provide exceptional care during regular visits. — C.B., adult patient

"Dr. Turecki is brilliant and extremely effective at diagnosing and remediating psychiatric issues. He has helped our entire family, and without his intervention we would have suffered individually and collectively for "who knows how long." I have recommended him to friends who have had similarly positive experiences. He is excellent, responsive, professional, thoughtful and caring." — H.Y., patient and parent

"As a parent of a difficult child we sought out the help of Dr. Turecki. During our visits with him, we experienced him as thoughtful and caring. His wealth of experience and knowledge provided us with insight and understanding to deal with some of our challenges with confidence and positive outcomes. We appreciate how he looks at the whole family unit and relates well to all members of our family. We found Dr Turecki didn't put our child into a box, and had a different perspective on the diagnosis. We really felt we could trust Dr. Turecki". — H.B., parent

"I am a young adult in my mid twenties. I feel very comfortable working with Dr. Turecki on understanding my behavior. He has been very helpful in determining the treatment that is best for my diagnosis. He is very knowledgeable and I trust his opinion. I highly recommend Dr. Turecki." — L.R., young adult patient

"Dr. Stanely Turecki is an amazing doctor. His ability to connect with children and make them feel relaxed and safe is unmatched. At our very first visit my 5 year felt comfortable to open up and speak his feelings. At that initial visit, Dr. Turecki was able to develop a concrete plan to help my son with his sleep issues, which have since resolved. As a mother of 3, I feel especially grateful to have worked with Dr. Turecki. He truly helped my 5 year old and therefore improved the lives of our entire family.". — K.G., parent

"I have been seeing Dr. Turecki regularly for 2+ years as both psychiatrist and psychotherapist. He is an excellent therapist, capable of seeing and addressing both the large scale, relation and emotional issues and the practical and medical aspects of mental illness. In addition he is both kind and stern, understanding and demanding of honesty. He has been significant in helping me through my depression." — A.M., adult patient

I began seeing Dr. Turecki on the recommendation of my pediatrician, because my son, who was six years old at the time, had heightened anxiety about new situations and about separating from me and my husband. My son was also prone to violent tantrums that left us feeling exhausted, bewildered, frightened and angry. Working with Dr. Turecki, I learned to change my approach toward my son and to break the cycle, anticipating the triggers of his tantrumming and avoiding those painful episodes. My son met with Dr. Turecki several times, but most of the therapy and coaching was for me as the mother. With Dr. Turecki's help, I came to terms with my own anxiety and personal history, and I made some important connections and observations about my life, relationships and behavior patterns. It was a deeply emotional process to engage in, but wholly worthwhile and valuable.

I am a happier person and a better parent as a result of my work with Dr. Turecki. I recommend him without reservation to any parent struggling with a difficult child. In addition to my one-on-one counseling sessions with Dr. Turecki, I also participated in a regular group therapy session with several other mothers experiencing similar issues with their children. I found these sessions to be beneficial as we worked together to address challenging situations and scenarios by role-playing and offering insight and support to one another.

Fast forward about three years, and I am proud to say that my son is a wonderful, confident, social, capable and generally well-behaved child. He still has his moments—we all do—but I have come to understand, love and appreciate who he is.

Thank you, Dr. Turecki!

— E.B., parent and patient

"Being an adult, I was somewhat hesitant to visit Dr. Turecki as he is such a well-known child psychiatrist, but I have been very happy with him and recommend him for anyone looking for an adult psychiatrist." — A.M., adult patient

Patient testimonials

Staneley Turecki, MD