The Difficult Child

How to help — and cope with — the difficult child.

Praise from Parents

“Dr. Turecki’s understanding and knowledge of children with difficult temperaments is astounding.”
“The Difficult Child Program taught me to be a better parent to my difficult child and also made me a better parent for my 'easy' child."
“Dr. Turecki’s program has taught me the real meaning of motherhood."

Praise from Professionals

“This book is great! The approach to discipline is one of the best I have seen. It is a real contribution to parents."

T. Berry Brazelton, M.D.

“A clear and lucid prescription of how to deal with a difficult child. The compassionate understanding of the author is evident throughout."

Irving Phillips, M.D., Past President, American Academy of Child Psychiatry

“This volume will sit on my shelf between Spock and Gesell."

Richard L. Saphir, M.D., Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, The Mount Sinai School of Medicine

"Too many children are labeled as abnormal without sufficient evidence."